TACO Time With Jayson Tatum PT. 2. The Shoe Heard Around the World

Guess what day it is TATUM TUESDAY! Tatum and Nike designers have created a capsule that will forever hold a place in my heart and stomach.

Air Jordan XXXIV ‘Hot Sauce’ PE

 As a California based #digital Magazine,  OHSOlife is convinced that a lot of the excitement around ‘Tacos Tuesday’ is due to the complete dining experience that comes with customizing a nice plate of whatever kind of taco tickles your fancy and the diverse communities that champion the taco.

‘Taco Jay’ PE

When discussing one of his Taco inspired kicks, The Air Jordan XXXIV ‘Taco Jay’ PE, Jayson revealed that part of his appreciation for tacos comes largely  from bonding with family and eating tacos after games. 

Side view of official ‘Taco Jay’ PE
Read Pt.1 in fashion section

Jayson also describes how taco night wasn’t a one night thing in his house as much as its ‘tacos throughout the week’ thing.

 Matter fact, Jayson recalls growing up, and how “ever since I was a kid, he loved his “mama’s tacos,  “There’s nothing better“, he said…”She would tell you that I eat tacos at least three days a week, maybe even four days“.

Nike ‘Swoosh’ Taco Head Cartoon
MY Favorite ‘Taco Jay’ colorway

Talk about a NBA-sized appetite. But Tatum makes a strong point. Taco Tuesday is a Pop Culture favorite, but why wait for one day to enjoy Tacos! 

Maybe Everyday is Taco day. Of course we encourage our readers to  make a trip and Tip your local taqueria. And enjoy the Sneaker inspired by America’s favorite food, the taco! 

Lace Base reads ‘Taco’ ‘Bout it’

Whether you prefer green salsa (salsa verde) or the classic red, we can all agree that this Taco inspired collection is a tacos enthusiast dream. But just as important, his sneaker art reveals a part of Tatum’s past, while reflecting on the intersectionality of sneakers, art, and culture.

Join the conversation, and let’s Talk about the important role food and art play in creating positive memories and experiences!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tacos and OHSOlife

Take a pic and use the hashtags  #TacoJay #OHSOlife all month!

Support your local taco spot and 

Tellem #OHSOlife sent you!

🏄🏾‍♂️Full Gallery below↘️


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