Jayson Tatum and the Shoe heard across the world, International Women’s Day Jordan ‘XXXIV’ PE

Learning  about Jayson Tatum’s should come with a spreadsheet, some coffee, and a Boston Celtics Jersey, My God this man has released ALOT of sneakers.

Air Jordan XXXIV ‘Zoo’ PE-2020 Release

As part of the Jordan XXXIV PE collection, Jayson Tatum has designed a PE Sneaker, especially made to commemorate International ‘Women’s Day and the strong women in his life.

Air Jordan XXXIV “International Women’s Day” PE 3/8/21 Release
PE stands for Players Edition
With the word ‘Women’ written on the lace bay

So what’s your favorite design element? We are big fans of the grid toe and tongue matched with awesome blue and green hues. Check out the other PE Colorways below, starting off with the Air Jordan XXXIV ‘Zoo’.

Jayson Tatum reminisced about his 2020 release stating, “The shoe is more of a tribute to my son, Deuce, and his fascination with animals,”… “I vividly remember getting a private tour of this zoo in Australia, and being able to go face to face with kangaroos, giraffes, spider monkeys and more. Deuce was fearless and wanted to pet and feed all of them.”

Talk about a family Guy. We can all imagine how much fun meeting kangeroos could be. The best part about this release is that anytime , Tatum or anyone wears the ‘Zoo’ XXXIV, they will also carry the legacy of the love shared between a father and his son.

Last year when asked why he liked the Jordan XXXIV he stated “All of the Air Jordans are fire, and the XXXIV definitely passes the test. It gives me that stability and peace of mind on the court. I was super excited when I first saw the shoe, knowing I’d be one of the first to wear it.”

PE “Wrapping Paper”

Here is a list of some of Tatum’s other ’19-’20 Releases:

Tatum continues to be a powerhouse basketball player. Outside of his hoop game, his ability to champion his family continues to be a driving force on and off the court.

The best part is that each sneaker comes with a little story or tidbit about Jayson Tatum, his son “Duece” or his love for lemonade.

Blue O pays homage to one of Tatum’s favorite childhood movies
‘Ghost Green’
The Air Jordan ‘Winners’ also features the nickname “Duece”, Tatum’s Son on the tongue

Now on the basketball court Tatum is a is complete weapon of a player but at least these sneakers offer some level of humility to who he is outside of hoops.

Air Jordan XXXIV “Winners” colorway refers to Tatum’s Hometown of Missouri

The Jordan Brand collection also provides a brief reminder that just like you, Mr.Tatum also has a passion for making memories with his Family, when he can! 

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