The Off White King.

Event: From March 16 (Fri.) to April 1 (Sun.), 2018, Kaikai Kiki Gallery is pleased to present “PAY PER VIEW”, a solo exhibition of works by the American artist, fashion designer, engineer, and creative producer, Virgil Abloh.

If you seen any Jordans or Nikes with the attached phrase “OFF –WHITE ” on it . Then you either seen his work, blessed enough get his work, or we’re about to put you on game now. The Chicago native born to Ghanaian parents, Virgil Abloh came into the game as Kanye West stylist in 2002. At the time he was working on merchandise, album art, and even set design for concerts. In 2009, he interned at Fendi in Rome. From there he decided to launched his first label, Pyrex Vision, in 2012, which saw Champion t-shirts and Ralph Lauren shirts printed with the Pyrex 23 logo. How’s many of you remember these? The brand became so popular people like ASAP Rocky and Kanye West started making collaboration capsules with him. As soon as the Pyrex Vision wave was over. Virgil started his next project called “Off-White”. The Off-White label blew up last year when he was given the chance to upgrade 10 shoes from Nike. Calling the pack “The Ten”. Here’s some of shoes from the pack.

Now the man with the Off-White has a show for us to view called the “PAY PER VIEW”. Though the gallery is in Japan , you can veiw some pieces from the gallery on his Instagram. The gallery introduction says ” this is an exhibition from Virgil Abloh that illustrates the significance of how advertising formulates and shapes our consciousness. Under the basis of product logo placement from brands that were prominent in advertising in the 90’s, Abloh creates a world within this exhibition that captivates his audience, asking them to reflect on whether they are inherently a product of their consumption. This consumption is influenced by the ideology that advertising is the handmade algorithm which our generation has formulated and is still, to this day, trying to perfect. Virgil Abloh wants his audience to see that there is an inherent art in marketing methodology. He believes that we are in the period of time, where an artist should not be working abstractly, but must have personal opinions and provide commentary on current social issues, circumstances, and situations that are occurring in our world. This exhibition highlights how advertising, similar to art has a unique way of recording the nuances of culture, investigating “irony” and showcasing Virgil Abloh’s voice concerning social discourse. The concept that is reiterated throughout Abloh´s works in this exhibition, follows the principle that every creation of Virgil Abloh’s, whether it be in the realm of fashion, art, music, film, literature, or furniture can speak to the “Tourist” as well as the “Purist” at the same time“. Do you believe you shouldn’t be working just abstractly but must have personal opinions, provide commentary on current social issues, circumstances, and situations that are occurring in our world? Or no? Let us know what y’all think about this post. Stay OHSO my friends.

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