A New Legacy, WILE E. Coyote AND the RoadRunner Go To the Big Screen and Sneaker Box (Full Sneaker and Xbox Controller Gallery inside)

Wile E. vs Roadrunner

Cost: $220

SKU: DO7172-900

In preparation for the upcoming Space Jam Movie set to hit Theaters July 16, we have put together another capsule featuring two of the most iconic Looney Tune rivalries.

Starting  July 15, visit Nike.com for your chance to pick up the Special LeBron 18 Low and Controller capsule. Now for any online who may not know, the shoe is centered around the cunning Wile E. Coyote and his ever elusive adversary, The Road Runner.

Scroll below for the full ‘Wile E vs.RoadRunner’ capsule and comment below if you think these our a drip, flip or a skip.

Click HERE to read the full Nike Article

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