Welcome to the Jam! NIKE LEAKS THEIR SPACEJAM apparel collection. Click to see the full gallery.

It was just a normal day on Moron Mountain and Chicago, Illinois, Earth. But that would soon changed. #spacejam1

Overnight Bugs Bunny and the gang would  enlist the Legendary Michael Jordan and Caddyshacks’, Bill Murray, in hopes of defeating the cunning aliens and their boss, Slackhammer, played by Danny Devito.

Aliens who were previously certain that they wanted to enslave all the creatures of ‘looneyville’ and Michael Jordan alike. This Space Jam collection not only provides a new litty look at a classic Mashup of sports and television, But also rekindles the nostalgia that is Space Jam. Of course the new film has a New clothing collection. With New Athletes and even more cameos. Not to mention their our both NBA And WNBA players being featured in the New Space Jam. Yeah this is OHSOLife.

In the last year, we have seen sporting events like the Superbowl remade into a child friendly sports showcases. Who remembers how the NFL and  Nickelodeon added slime cannons to touch downs, and cartoon characters to candid player celebrations. But there could never be those type of spectacles without the nuance and playful nature of Space Jam.

In celebration, we give you the new Space Jam collection. Enjoy and don’t forget to watch the Space Jam 2.

Click here to see the official Nike update

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