The Great Greg Jacobs aka Shock G Listening Party 🎶🕊️☮️

Legendary actor, artist, writer, composer and producer Greg Jacobs is best known for his contributions as of Hip Hop’s Digital Underground.

Under the name, Shock G and later Humpty Hump, Jacobs was more than a great performer and stood as a pillar and gatekeeper in Hip Hop. Having pioneered a multitude of sounds and iconic characters to match, Greg Jacobs crossed the line between music and film and cemented his legacy through his undeniable gift of writing, performing and his ability to create community through verse.

For fans of his music career, Greg Jacobs aka Shock Gs talents served as timeless reminders to “be yourself” and live your truth. A message he often echoed in interviews. His gift of expression and communication is one that will truly be missed and immortalized in Hip Hop Culture.

Greg Jacobs also provides countless examples of how artist could leverage their creativity and production know how and savviness to create working relationships and partnerships with the likes of Chevy Chase and large production companies.

We celebrate the life of Greg Jacobs (Shock G) with a series of videos, interviews and performances highlighting his versatility , comedic presence and larger than life presence that we all love and admire. Jacobs often presented Hip Hop as a fun, exciting cocktail that can be enjoyed by all walks of life. But also relish in the seriousness of Hip Hop as an active communicator for societies woes and short comings. Especially in class and race relations. All around the world, Everybody singing the same song titled Same song is just one example of Digital Underground and Shock G creating great content and encouraging unity through progress. Long Live the memory of Greg Jacobs, Shock G, aka Humpty Hump aka…!

God bless and many prayers to his family, friends, colleagues and fans.

Rest Well Shock G, The One who put the ‘broccoli on your pasta!’

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