Tell the Mail Lady Thank You! New ‘USPS’ Inspired Air Force 1s debut

Rather than creating another homagé to food, Nike designers took a page from the USPS playbook when they recreated the Air Force 1. Let’s just say the experimental shoes has been met with mixed reviews.

Nonetheless….In honor of the USPS, the heel of the shoe features a ‘Nike’ Swoosh located where the American eagle logo would typically be.  The design also carries a rich but soft powdery blue undersole,and blue zip ties atop the laces…

USPS official statement reads:

For The official statement click here

Let’s keep in mind that the USPS made this statement on April 1st , aka April Fool’s Day, here in the states. Nike has yet to make a statement.

All jokes aside, it wouldn’t be unheard of for a company  to ask Nike to cease the use of USPS likeness logos, etc. 

What do you think? Should the undoubtedly USPS “inspired” Nike shoe have to cut check to USPS. Is this ’50 Cent fake beef’ We will find out soon, in the next episode of OHSOlife

What ever your stance, we can all agree that we should take time to show our full appreciation for our delivery drivers, package handlers, and all USPS agents, past and present, near and far. Check out the full collection below:

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