SKEPTA x Nike SHOX Review (Return of the Shox Gallery)

Skepta x NIKE Air Shox Campaign

2018 Launch Nike Shocks x Skepta #WaybackWednesday

Skepta’s Nike AIR SHOCKS boast one of the most ICONIC remakes. When talking to Nike, Skepta recalls his first experience with Nike Shox describing to the Nike team he remembers “when [he] used to go to Manchester, all the kids were rocking Shox…It was a real street shoe there…He told Nike, “I liked their swag — the windbreakers and the Shox,” he says. “I thought ‘Yeah, let’s definitely do that,’ because I always remember those trips up north.”

When Skepta teamed up with Nike in 2018 to complete this project, he had also been named CHIEF in his parents’ home state in Ogun in Nigeria. When reflecting about the moment to Nike, Skepta noted “It made me realize that anybody could be a chief, but some people are brought up not thinking they can”. He elaborates to Nike that “It was about bringing Nike to Nigeria and letting the kids know the energy.”

A conduit of the artist philanthropy world Skepta continues to be an great example of creativity expanding to new heights. The British Nigerian artist has been a long time global Icon.

With Smash Hits Like Man’s, crossovers with Drake including self titled ‘Skepta’s Interlude’ and Asap Rocky’s groundbreaking ‘Praise the Lord’  the great collection of work continues to stack. A style that NPR describes as PRETTY but GRITTY, Skepta’s catalog is far too vast to name all hits. To be frank, he’s big deal. But Check out more slaps at our OHSOlife Skepta Listening Party HERE. Let’s talk Shoes and Stories.

As a reminder Nike notes that the Shox technology that debuted in the early ’00s was also designed by Bruce Kilgore in the 80’s- But laid dormant for almost 20 years.  Having a huge buzz in the mid 2000’s within our crowds, Skepta’s relaunch was also a walk down memory lane for alot folks. 

Beforehand Nike alludes that the Shox had long been sidelined by the Nike Free Runs. Making Skepta’s relaunch a huge moment in the shoes’s legacy. An almost saving grace of the Nike Shox and another example of the timelessness of Skepta’s collaborations.

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