Who is Issa Rae and Why does Her New HBO deal Matters! #DEI

YES THIS MEANS more ‘Insecure’

Issa Rae has announced a 5 Year Renewal of her Partnership with HBO.  This long term partnership also reveals the future of TV as we know it. Audiences can expect to see more of Rae’s work in very diverse mediums and formats. That means more shows like ‘Insecure’ that feature unique cast, dynamic lead characters, and more nuance stories. 

In a recent interview with Variety, Rae discussed her relationship with HBO, stating, “HBO has been supportive of my work since the very first general meeting I had with Casey in 2012… “I’m thrilled to not only spread my creative wings with the network that makes all of my favorite series, but also to produce culturally resonant stories with new voices that incite exciting conversations via HOORAE’s expanded relationship with all WarnerMedia platforms.”

This marks a huge win for audiences foreign and domestic. Likewise platforms like WarnerMedia and HBO continue to win big, as viewers who love Issa Rae champion her phenomenal television.  

The Chief Content Officer of HBO and HBO Max, Casey Bloys, also discussed the NEW DEAL with Issa Rae saying, “She’s obviously very talented and she’s very prolific,”

“It’s been very good to work with Issa personally, but also as a company, because she’s seeded a lot of talent elsewhere.”

“Insecure always scores very high when it’s on and I think that says a lot about the fan base, that she’s telling a story that a lot of people want to hear.”

So what is HOORAE? In Warnermedia’s official press release they describe HOORAE as a: “multi-faceted media company that develops content across mediums and genres in an effort to continue to break boundaries in storytelling and representation…”

“HOORAE is comprised of HOORAE Productions for film, tv and digital; Raedio, the music label in partnership with Atlantic Records; and ColorCreative, its management division.”

So when this deal became public, its inking wasn’t only a win for Issa Rae, but many other creatives, a record label and a boatload of stakeholders.  Likewise the partnership also means MORE shows in the pipeline that borrows The wiley nature of Rae’s smash hit ‘Insecure’.

This includes programming like:

  •  “The Vanishing Half”
  •  “Nice White Parents” 
  • “Seen and Heard”
  •  “Rap Sh*t.”

So pop a bottle of your finest (apple juice for kids), Earl Stevens or Ace of Spades and celebrate Originality Having Success Outcomes, to Issa Rae and HOORAE and their WarnerMedia HBO partnership.

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