Eat, Play, Learn with All Stars, Ayesha and Stephen Curry

NBA players have always played large roles in their community whether we see it or not. 

With his recent 3pt Contest win, Steph Curry now touts 2 Contest Trophies, both garnered in lightning fashion

The biggest difference between Steph’s 2015 performance and this year’s win is the addition of his fun loving kids, Canon and Ryan  and his awesome foundation he shares with wife Ayesha: Eat, Learn, Play.

The Eat, Learn, Play foundation was created by Ayesha and Steph Curry as a response to the growing demand for resources related to food, health and community.

As Steph puts it, “This project shows what is possible when partners and communities come together to address the needs of kids, especially in times of crisis.”

“We launched Eat. Learn. Play. because we see the tremendous need that exists all around us and want to do what we can to help improve the lives of kids and families in Oakland, the Bay Area, and across the country.

“…Rooted in three of the most vital pillars for a healthy childhood— nutrition, education and physical activity— Eat. Learn. Play. is designed to help ensure an equal road to success for all kids.”(Eat, Learn, Play Mission Statement)

Now we can ALL debate what was the best moment from the Star studded event. One thing is for sure is that Steph Curry has a nack for putting on a showcase and dazzling the masses. 

Coming off of the All Star Weekend , Steph was able to secure a win by scoring a 31 in his first round, and 29 to secure the title with a game winning shot.

Besides marking his legacy (once again) as the premiere shooter of the NBA; Steph Curry has managed to make an impact that far crosses over the bounds of basketball and into the hearts and stomachs😁 of so many families.

The best part, is that we can all learn about being creative with our kindness from this awesome family. Enjoy!

Want to learn more about Eat, Play, Learn. Visit their official Foundation site and find ways to make a IMPACT.

Thank you to the Curry family, The NBA, NBA Players Association, Warriors Organization and the City of Oakland, Mercury News and the East Bay times for championing the needs of our neighbors and children.  

We’ll catch back up with the Curry family later this year and go over some of their specific projects. Can’t wait, click the link to their foundatin news page and learn how you can help like a Curry

Produced and written by OHSOlife Team

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