A ‘Triple Platinum’ Listening Party with Lil Baby

Since dropping his album last year Lil Baby has stood out as a  modern marvel, both (statistically and musically).  It’s undeniable, Lil Baby has been able to capture a wide range of Hip Hop sounds and currently reflects the larger voice of American ‘Culture’.

Of course, it should be noted, he hasn’t just made a splash. No ma’am. The last 12 Months have catepulted his legacy to a new height. To put it in perspective, the recording artist messaged his IG followers “Thank You” after selling 500,000 copies in March  and going double platinum in the next 6 and a half months of 2020.

To celebrate Lil Baby’s New Album” we have curated  a Lil Baby listening experience to give you a taste of his most recent partnerships, artist collaborations, past and upcoming!

Ok maybe you don’t get it! Lil Baby’s Album My Turn is Currently TRIPLE PLATINUM after being released as a Deluxe album.

According to Revolt Media’s Cherise Johnson, Lil Baby’s Album, My Turn, had over 4 billion streams and continues to be this year’s highest-selling and highest-streaming album.  Johnson continues, pointing out that due to his success , “Lil Baby currently ties Prince and Paul McCartney with 47 entries on the Billboard Hot 100.” A uncommon and noteworthy accomplishment, to say the least. 

Sources: Revolt, XXXtrawave, Complex, Google News

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