Black Women Owned App, Goalsetter announces Nike/ Jordan Brand Parternership

As part of their 140 Million Dollar pledge, to improve financial literacy and encourage financial reseliency, NIKE, Converse and Jordan brand are teaming up with Tonya Van Court, of Goalsetter.

The “Goalsetter [app] teaches financial literacy to children of all ages — helping them learn economic concepts, lingo and the principles of financial health. As kids use the Goalsetter app to access their saving accounts, they may develop the foundation of financial literacy by answering a series of questions posed in the app as quizzes and incentives”.

Goalsetter Founder Tonya Van Court and kids

Nike will be investing $1 million dollars as part of their Black community Commitment Campaign which “will help the organization seed 10,000 kids’ savings accounts, with a focus on Black youth”. According to Yahoo finance, Goalsetter has also caught the attention” of NBAs Kevin Durant and other big named celebrity who can be seen in the Goalsetter app. Founder Tonya has expressed her excitement about the partnership. She emphasized Goalsetters’ ability to engage users by adapting fun games, using celebrities, musicians and leaders to encourage investing. With the help of these tools, users better understand financial terms and situations and are better equipped to make sound financial decisions. 

Jordan Brand’s President, Craig Williams, also made a announcement in regards to their new partnership. He stated the goal is to empower black families through educating them on financial tools that align with their values. By equipping users and families with this knowledge all parties hope to address ‘racial inequality for all families’,particularly Black Americans and Latinxs Americans.

Goalsetter Founder, Tonya Van Court

According to CEO and founder Tonya Van Court, “Nike is propelling a historic moment by helping to change the way America educates a whole generation of kids — using culturally-relevant, game-based content to excite and engage them, and start them on a path to financial freedom.” Tanya Van Court, CEO and founder of Goalsetter.

With the rise of app based financial learning tools like Operation Hope, Acorn and now Goalsetter, families have access to even more resources focused on saving them money. The biggest goal will be prioritizing these tools to find high interest savings account or investment oppurtunities and avoiding spending pitfalls, like frivolous spending.

If you are a financial professional or would like to donate your time, efforts or expertise, (no matter your field) reach out to us or click on any of the links above. You may able to join their community outreach programs, or find resources to help teach, money and resource management in a fun and exciting way in your community!

Written by Jeremy Wiles

Produced and Edited by Joseph Wiles

Sources: Yahoo Finance, Nike 

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