First Women Series: Creating the perfect Bed and Desk with Inventor Sarah E. Goode

The best ideas are the ones that improve the lives of others. Between engineering a new medical device or innovative software; the ability to improve our daily lives through technological advances has usually been widely celebrated. Think Elon Musk, Steve Jobs or.Madam Curie

Sure you have heard of the futon  and ‘ergonomic desk’ but before  those innovations; there was the American Inventor Sarah E. Goode.

Ms.Sarah noticed her customers constantly complained about the lack of space available in the city. Betting on her observations, she would design and create a new way of imagining home decor.  With the help of her husband, she would build and sale the newly design desk bed. Her patent was approved in July 14th, 1885, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the ‘folding cabinet bed’ and would go on to be used by many working class families that lived in her neighborhood and the greater Chicago area.

“When not functioning as a bed, the invention could easily be used as a desk because there were small compartments for storing supplies”.

Ms.Goode’s invention would come decades before the ‘murphy bed’ , which is regarded as the modern fold out bed we know today. While we may not know the Intellectual advancements made by ALL women or people of color; we take this moment to give voice to the voiceless. Championing all, who have the courage to create something new.

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Written by Jeremy Wiles

Edited and Produced by Joseph Wiles

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