“WMNS React Vision” in Siren Red Shoe Review

Our first guest is the Nike WMNS React Vision in “Siren Red”. A rambunctious design that has the pleasure of hosting colors like ironstone, desert moss, and summit white.

But this time around, let’s read this like art.

At first glance, the viewer is pulled between the vivid base(sole) in pink hues and the unfilled Nike Swoosh.

Our favorite personal design element by far is the use of ‘desert moss’ (and similar tones) as a natural focal point that pulls the viewer across and the sneaker. Now if you catch these walking away, you may be most entertained by the dessert moss winged heel straps. The final design notes features the pinkish tongue and pink side heel that protrudes in the most aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Now as a reminder, Nike has a boatload of other less and more exciting colorways. While these kicks aren’t available through the Official US Nike site, the European authorized retailer release has been going smooth since Feb. 11.

Happy Hunting and remember you may need to look across the river to ask your homies for the heads up until these ‘baddies’ become available in the states.

“Where Love is OHSO, OHSO is Love”

Written by Jeremy Wiles and Joseph Wiles

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