Top 20 Best Shows of the Decade

TV is BIGGER than Ever. Between unlimited wifi, a pandemic, and local takeout; our desires to enjoy premium television content on our phones, tablets and TV has blossom to a never before height.

We are happy to see more shows featuring Women and Black Indeginous People of Color as lead roles,  directors and producers.

Rules of engagement:

In the last decade, there has been a huge explosion of television platforms like Netflix, Peacock, and Disneyplus . To help our viewers navigate the last decade; we have compiled an expert list.

To level the playing field, we had one rule, there are no rules….jk and this list only features programs that aired primarily during the last decade. In other words, the story couldn’t feature a family who’s ethnic background was vilified or would contribute toward further social unrest. For example, America History X if eligible probably wouldn’t make it to this list.

In no particular order…

Here is our list of the Top 20 TVs of the last decade:




Jersey shore

House of cards

Dragon ball z super

Visit for more

Money Heist 1-5


Breaking Bad

Bobs Burger

Black Mirror

2 Broke Girls

Modern Family

Bojack Horsemen


Parks and Recreation


Schitt$ Creek

The Get Down

I know,I know but the technical aspects aside. Shows like Cheronobyl and The Americans, don’t reflect what WE were watching

But politics aside here is our list of comical , suspense filled, family friendly and gripping programming, that will not break the bank. Except maybe Money Heist.

Are there any shows or mini series we left out? Which shows are your favorites? Comment below and let’s see if your suggestion beats the cut. If so, we will add your tv show suggestion to the leaderboard, arcade style.

Thank you to Viacom, CBS, Showtime, NBC, Netflix and Google. All Rights Reserved

Producer: Jeremy Wiles

Editor: Joseph Wiles

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