Big time FLEETING: Chamilloinaire, E-40 and “investor” friends announce Pitch Competition Winner (Mini Recap)

CEO Pierre Laguerre

So last October on an Episode of the No Cap Show Podcast, we discussed and raved about how Chamillionaire, E40 and came together to host an investment competition worth a $100,000 Grand Prize. This competetion featured hundreds of sumbmissions for the best Pitch from a EPOC or Women owned businesses. Awesome right?!! We thought so too

And the winner is Fleeting, a logistics and transportation company. Fleeting introduces its own proprietory technology that has helped to retain drivers, through developing a ‘feedback loop” were drivers and business who use Fleeting software can better communicate, and address driver concerns.

Our story seeks to highlight the unique intersection of Hip Hop, Entrepreneurship, and the world of trucking. A Huge shoutout to E40, a decorated and serial entruprenuer legend; and Chamilloinaire, a larger than life, Grammy Winning artist who has found a new wealth of oppurtunities in the world of investing, education software/app development.

Major Takeaways:

Lastest News: Fleeting has raised over One Million Dollars through crowd funding.

Insight: Fleeting provides shippers and motor carriers direct access to a flexible and reliable fleet of trucks, and to the CDL drivers who operate them”

Execution: “On our platform, carriers get expedited service from a flexible and reliable workforce, all through an easy to use interface. While drivers choose the jobs they want based on their schedules and preferences.” Fleeting and ,CEO, Pierre Laguerre can be found on IG interacting with followers and the diverse and vibrant entruprenuer and trucking community. During a recent live, under our IG tag OHSOwiley_hefe, the OHSO team sat in on Me.Laguerre, as he opened up about the challenges that led up to starting Fleeting and the mindset that continues to set them apart from competitors. One major take away was Fleeting’s attention to creating a competitive advantage through utilizing Industry Knowledge, via having awesome team, from CFO,CTO to Drivers,Dispatchers, Etc.

In Fleeting’s bio, Mr.Laguerre discussed an instance, “While working at one of his first trucking companies, Performance Food Group, Pierre was doing food deliveries to the college he attended and encountered one of his former professors. During this exchange, his professor asked him, “Pierre, what’s going on? Why are you hiding?”Pierre let his professor know that he dropped out of college to focus on trucking full time, and didn’t want to look like a loser.

After his professor asked about how much Pierre was making each year (90k at the time), the professor said, “half of these kids are gonna graduate and not be making 90k, so I want you to be prideful, own it, and become the best trucker you can be.” That message resonated with Pierre, and a year later, he purchased his own truck and became an owner-operator. A year after that, he built a staffing agency and grew it to $4M in revenue.”

Chamilloirnaire and E-40 launch Pitch Competition

During our October 2019 Episode of the No Cap Show Podcast, we discuss the upcoming Investment Competition. We marveled at the fact that both E-40 and Chamilloinaire were championing such a awesome platform for women and minoritized businesses. We all can image that seeking funding as a EPOC or Women may come with some barriers to entry of some sort. Consequently, events that aim to raise capital and highlight business like Fleeting, gain the benefits of finding business with alot of value to give to investors.

After learning more about Fleeting, it was only fitting to highlight their huge accomplishment of winning the pitch competition and ultimately completing a successful round funding this year.

Source:, Linkedin,

Visit FLEETING today 🥇

CNBC Coverage

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