“NEIGHBORHOOD NIP” His Marathon Will Continue.

Ermias Asghedom , better known as Nipsey Hussle was way more than just a rapper. He is and will always be a visionary for his people. Nipsey had a gift for seeing the trends in the world. He seem to always be in forefront of helping to make a better future for his family and his All Money In team. Do you know how his brand The Marathon even came about? In 2005, Nipsey started putting out mixtapes. When he decided he wanted to make a music video for “Hussle in the House” he “chose to make a video representing his town but also saw the path of making a brand for himself. After going through some old yearbooks he saw a picture of Locals legend Darryl Strawberry wearing a vintage Crenshaw high school baseball jersey. From there, Nipsey ordered a batch of shirts and crews in blue with yellow script saying “CRENSHAW”. When the video ended up on MTV a whole bunch of people started asking for his Crenshaw clothing. Nipsey was ready to give the fans what they wanted but he needed a name , a friend gave him a book a while back called “The 22 IMMUTABLE LAWS OF MARKETING” filled with Procter and Gamble case studies. Nip was able to come up with the word Marathon to give his brand its staple name.



Nipsey also has a dope business deal with his partner Dave Gross. They have just teamed up to buy the West Slauson plaza, which is currently a 40 units place. They are planning to make it into a 100 units. The section were they are building the new units our considered a “opportunity zone ” meaning an entrepreneur can build in this section almost tax free allowing Nipsey and Dave to put back as much into his community with things like vector90, restaurants, fish markets ,and barbershop. With plans on franchising his company in almost 10 cities starting with Los Angeles. This is just one example of Nipsey’s idea he was working on for his people. Of course, he was giving us the wisdom along the way. It’s sad to see such a smart black young man taken away from us especially when he was changing the culture for the good. Nipsey you are greater than your music. I hope y’all don’t let that go over your head. In the words of Nip- Used to be stay safe, now it’s stay dangerous” ,
The Marathon will forever continue.

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