Ikea just released there collaboration with Indaba that started two years ago. Indaba is a online publication company. They also host a annual festival that showcases and attracts the world brightest talents since 1995. They’re collaborating in hope of showing off Africa best young talent. The design team consists of 5 African countries Egypt, Ivory Cost, Kenya, Senegal , and South Africa. The 10 designers that were chosen for this project are Bethan Rayner and Naeem Biviji, Bibi Seck, Hend Riad and Mariam Hazem, Issa Diabaté, Laduma Ngxokolo, Renee Rossouw, Selly Raby Kane, and Sindiso Khumalo. Even though Ikea is a furniture company Indaba founder Ravi Naidoo explains how they didn’t want to just get furniture designer but designers that would push the envelope. “We actually picked good thinkers. We just went across and found people who are really getting out there, taking risks and expressing themselves, and who represented the best of the African creative bug.” – Ravi Naidoo

Selly Raby Kane created a basket that features braided “hair” in the hope that it sparks worldwide curiosity about “-the ritual of braiding in West Africa.”

Issa Diabaté created a simple plywood chair that assembles like a jigsaw, without the need of any extras tools like glue or screws. “reflects the African approach to living outdoors and indoors.”

Laduma Ngxokolo’s bright geometric-patterned rugs mimic the designs seen on his knitwear, which are inspired by his home in South Africa.

Bethan Rayner and Naeem Biviji of Studio Propolis designed a variety of flexible cooking and dining products, including a stool and bench that can easily be grouped together or used alone, and a cast iron pot with a lid that doubles as a pan.

These are just some visual we were able to find but check back around May when the worldwide release of The Överallt collection happens only available in IKEA stores.

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