This past Saturday O.H.$.O had the honor to help give back to the community by giving out backpacks and school supplies to kids in need. I remember growing up and not having everything I needed for school. So either you hope mom or dad are able to get those supplies you needed for school or survive till you can get them. Thanks to the ISAAC TAGGART FOUNDATION ( ITF) and Philty Rich over 100 kids was able to start the school year prepare to do great things. The event was held at the DOPE ERA STORE in Oakland. Philty Rich also gave away 100 Christian Louboutin ( Reb bottom) to kids that show him they held 3.0 gpa from past school year. S/o to all the sponsorship that help make the event happen and thanks again to the ITF for the opportunity ,we can’t wait got the next giveway. Stay OHSO MY FRIEND’S πŸ™πŸΎ

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