Dave East and Kevin Durant: More than basketball.

Before Dave East picked up the pen and notepad to write his raps, Basketball was life for him. Growing up in Harlem ,New York , David Brewster Jr now known as Dave East was one of the top highschool basketball prospects in the country along side Kevin Durant. Who both played in the same area. That’s how they became friends. Sharing the love of basketball and then later sharing the love of Music.

After KD finished out his 1 and done year in Texas. Dave East started to fall in love with the hip hop more and more. So he left college and started putting all his time into his craft. During this time Dave East was working on a mixtape to get his name on and KD was in the playoffs still playing for OKC. Him and Dave East stayed connected with music. So when KD was looking for someone to check out his studio and his music, KD chose to call on Dave East to tell him if he’s on the right track. Even during the playoffs KD had Dave East come out to do some studio session at his house. Which will later become one of Dave East’s mixtapes that catches the legendary MC Nas’s ear while browsing through YouTube for new music. So Nas reached out during an interview. Dave East replying went down like this “I got a call from Nas,” said East in an exclusive on-camera interview with Bleacher Report at Rucker Park. “He was telling me: ‘I love what you’re doing. You remind me of myself. I got this record label called Mass Appeal Records. If you want to get down, let’s get down.” Everything changed after that for Dave. He signed to Nas record label and kept the heat coming. Now known as one of the best up and coming rappers in the game and KD known as one of the best basketball players in the world their success has come full circle for both.

Go to bleachers report to check out the 7min visual on their story. Leave a comment and subscribe. Welcome to the OHSOLIFE.

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