SXSW from a ATlasBLK point of veiw.

The homie ATlasBLK recently came back form SXSW where he performed for the second year in a row. And as one of our OH$O lifers, we asked if he can give us some visuals and answer some OH$O questions about his time out there.

How did it feel to be back at SXSW?

Being back at SXSW was really dope, I got to reconnect with people I met the first time I was out there and also finally meet videographers and other musicians I had worked with remotely. I kicked it with Yadda from Swarm ATX and it was lit.

What was your favorite food to eat when you’re out there?

Everybody knows ‘Tex Mex’ is fire in Texas, but then again the food is in general. This time I was in the mood for burgers though so I kinda spazzed on that. Like I said, Texans know how to eat.

When people hear your music, what do you want them to take from it?

That’s a tough question because there’s a lot that goes into it. I make sure that each track has multiple layers so that my listeners always have something new to pick up with each listen, just like I did with some of my favorite MCs. In general though, I want them to get hype, to chill, and to grind.

This is motivation music so it’s mad relatable. I like to think that my fans are out here getting into it. I try to give each tape its own personality, so there’s more than meets the eye if they look beneath the surface.

Where can we find you next?

I’m available on all major platform and dropping my 4th project “SMASH CITY” on 4.11.18 so currently doing shows out on the east coast but I’m everywhere. Stuff keeps popping up so check my @ATlasBLK page for new dates as they come!

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