24hr Home’s!?!

Well if you never heard of the company name ICON then that’s going to change soon. ICON “is a small team of innovators with a big vision to create new sustainable building practices that make beautiful, quality homes accessible to everyone.” All done in 24hr. They have recently team up with a non profit company called New Story to make 3D printed home in Austin, Texas.



The large 3D printer will be able to print single story home with 600 – 800 square foot And with the hope to keeping the cost at $4000. Even with the effort to lower cost it will not hurt the strength with ICON cutting-edge materials and is designed to function with nearly zero waste production methods and work under unpredictable constraints meaning (limited water, power, and labor infrastructure) to battle the housing shortages.

The hope is to help the 1B+ people that is homeless worldwide. Here are some of the places they have help. Leave us your comments on where they should go next. We would love to past it forward. Stay OH$O my friends.



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