Still the coolest kids on the block.

  • Artist :The Cool Kids.
  • Album: Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe – mixtapes

I’m not sure why I’m so late on seeing this , but The Cool Kids are back after a 6 year hiatus. They recently dropped a new album\mixtape late 2017 that seem to have gotten over looked by the hip-hop blogs. After hearing the full album, Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe a 16 track mixtape/album of the duo Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish going back and forth bar for bar with a dope list of features like Smoke Dza , Jay Worthy, Jeremih , Warm Brew , Syd and more.

That’s not all from The Cool Kids. They have a YouTube series called ” Shit Show “. It’s a comedy series that’s being called ” eccentric as anything can possibly get” – XXLMAG. They are calling it a mixture of Loiter Squad and a documentary style chronicling a day in the life with The Cool Kids. Roll up and enjoying.

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