Come with me to a “alternate state of mind”…

Before I read about this, I can say for sure music help me in many different ways. Calming me down whenever I’m upset. Soothing me whatever I’m in pain and of course keep it lit when I’m cursing through the bay. That not even the full go on how music help me but music can drive your emotions to where you would like to take it. You know that feeling when your song come on and you zone out to it. Rapping word for word. Swaying left to right. Right to left. Doctors are now saying this feeling may have the power to heal neurological disorder.

Researchers at Cambridge University has been studying the brain of 12 professional rapper. The research proved that when the rappers are freestyling the brain goes into what they call ” flow state”. Researchers at the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorder (NIDCD) had those 12 professional rappers recite already memorised lyrics and also freestyle while they where in the fMRI machine listening to a 8 bar-track.

The results were very interesting. While in the “flow state” phase, the rappers brain activity show unique patterns in the area related to language, motor function, emotion, motivation,and sensory processing. Which scientist are suggesting the rappers actually enter what they call a ” alternate state of mind” while freestyling. Also the they advised that the act of making music taps into the complex creative reserve in a truly astonishing way. Check out – science of hiphop for more detail of the research. Stay OHSO my friends.

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